Our commitment

CSR and operational excellence are at the heart of AFYREN’s strategy and processes, with the implementation of a high-performance, integrated QHSE management system. AFYREN implements a certified process management system at each of our industrial sites, and ensures that the technology used enables us to manufacture products that comply with the standards and regulatory requirements in the areas where they are marketed.


Industrial Operations Management System:

Implementation of the tools and processes needed to obtain environmental and industrial excellence certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001.

GMP+ and FSSC22000 certifications in preparation at the AFYREN NEOXY site.

Objective of deploying the Responsible Care standard for CSR and Safety.



The unique biotechnological approach developed by AFYREN makes it possible to obtain pure biobased molecules to meet the requirements of high value-added markets, aiming to use certified biosourced products.


AFYREN acids are natural flavoring substances according to regulation (EU) 1334/2008, and are natural (US) according to CFR21 sect101.22 (a) (3). They meet the definitions of ISO 16128-1.


All AFYREN acids are 100% biobased according to American and European standards ASTM6866 and CEN/TC411, and comply with ISO 16620-2 and EN 16785-1.