The global population keeps growing and should reach 11.2 billion people before the end of the century. One of the consequences will be an increase in demand for natural and environmentally friendly products with reduced carbon footprints.

Today the main concern and innovation driver for companies in the materials science industry is to develop sustainable, smart, and responsive materials that also offer improved physical properties. Novel formulations, including biomaterials, impart new functionalities to existing materials while expanding the scope of innovation. Companies in the construction, automotive, packaging, and manufacturing sectors are integrating sustainable materials and involving renewable energy sources into their processes. Eventually, these efforts aim to lessen the burden of waste on the planet. Sustainable materials also provide a boost for circular systems and allow for the implementation of a circular economy.

Sustainability is becoming a key priority for more and more brands across the ever-evolving cosmetics, hygiene, and life science industries. In an effort to appeal to a growing population of eco-conscious consumers, companies are looking for ways to emphasize greener initiatives, without compromising on the quality and reach of products. To reach carbon neutrality goals, companies are starting to experiment and formulate with biosynthetic ingredients like biobased feedstocks and palm oil alternatives.


of the materials industry trends and innovation focus on sustainability.
All industry sectors must review the way they produce their products with the goal of a 40% GHG reduction by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050.
The global organic beauty market is expected to grow up by 10% each year.
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Molécules AFYREN


100% biobased with 81% carbon footprint reduction vs petrobased acids, AFYBIO™ acids will improve the overall life cycle assessment of the final products.

With a single process, AFYREN produces a range of 7 organic acids from C2 to C6 with versatile properties and applications.

AFYBIO™ acids can be used directly in the formulation or as building blocks for the synthesis of finished products or ingredients.

Natural weed control Surfactants for hair conditioners Esters API for pharmaceuticals Building blocks for polymers and coatings


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