The global population keeps growing and should reach 11.2 billion people before the end of the century. One of the consequences will be an increase in demand for food and more specifically food of animal origin. Consumers all over the globe are becoming more aware about the ingredients in their food produts and have actively started scrutinizing products labels.

Increasing awareness of consumers about health benefits of natural and organic products. People are ready to pay more for products that demonstrate socially and environmentally responsible practices.

Clean labeling results of the booming interest in consumers for allergen free, minimally processed and natural food ingredients.


1.7 earths

is what it takes today to meet our ressource needs


11.2 billion

people before the end of the century


6 out of 10

customers feel that “clean claims” on ingredients align with greater healthfulness


vitafyren TM

VITAFYRENTM is a unique high quality biobased acid offer with properties of mold inhibitor and preservative for food ingredients.

All VITAFYRENTM acids are produced locally in Europe via a lean process, based on renewable natural raw materials and benefit from a high level of purity.

With VITAFYRENTM, AFYREN offers a relevant range of 2 biobased acids.

Intestinal balance
Mold inhibitor

With VITAFYREN™, AFYREN offers a relevant range of 2 biobased acids

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