At a time when many of our products for everyday use are still based on petroleum molecules, AFYREN is offering to a wide range of industries replacement molecules that are biosourced, thanks to an environmentally friendly technology that uses natural microorganisms.

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Discover how our biosourced solutions can replace the petrochemical molecules present in a number of products that we use on an everyday basis.



"An innovative technology which has been inspired by living organisms and natural phenomena, robust and resilient for millions of years, to produce on a large scale biomolecules which will be the basis of the ingredients of tomorrow. AFYREN registers and registers its industrial customers in a low carbon and circular bioeconomy. "


Managing Director - Founder

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Non-food biomass is converted in a reactor using a fermentation process based on a 100% natural microbial community.


Our proprietary transformation operations use very little energy and produce a diverse range of high value-added molecules.



From the recycling of biomass to the “return to the earth” of the sub-products yielded through the fermentation process, our technology generates zero waste.

Latest News

AFYREN to offer differentiated sustainable solutions with the launch of new brands for its biobased products in several markets

The strategy responds to customers and stakeholders who are increasingly seeking more environmentally friendly solutions AFYREN’s move marks another step toward increasing visibility and recognition for its biobased products AFYREN’s biobased solutions have distinct advantages for each target market Clermont-Ferrand/Lyon, 17th of May 2022, 8:00 am CEST – AFYREN, a greentech company that manufactures biobased ingredients using fermentation technology and a circular business model, unveiled its plan to market high quality solutions that will help customers in the industries it serves meet their sustainability goals. AFYREN makes biobased carboxylic acids (C2-C6) that are needed in a wide variety of industries […]

Strategic contract signed for the supply of an organic acid from the AFYREN NEOXY range in animal nutrition

Thanks to its proven antimicrobial property, AFYREN’s biobased acid will enable its customer to contribute to animal health with its nutrition offerings for a wide variety of animal species. The customer will benefit from a short and reliable supply chain, and a product with a reduced carbon footprint, produced using sustainable renewable resources and without palm oil. AFYREN’s ingredient also meet requirements for GMO-free solutions in Europe. Full Press release:

AFYREN Webinar – Industrial Commissioning and Annual Results

Nicolas SORDET, CEO, Maxime CORDONNIER, CFO and Caroline PETIGNY, CSR & Communication Director of AFYREN as well as Jean SAINT-DONAT, President of AFYREN NEOXY presented their news during a webinar, in particular the industrial commissioning of the AFYREN NEOXY plant and the publication of the Company’s annual results. 

AFYREN announces the industrial commissioning of its AFYREN NEOXY plant and publishes its 2021 Full-Year Results

AFYREN announces the industrial commissioning of its AFYREN NEOXY plant and publishes its 2021 Full-Year Results  Finalization of the construction of the AFYREN NEOXY plant at cost and on time despite the health crisis context Industrial commissioning of the plant with the launch of the test phase Strong cash position of €67 million at the end of 2021 following the success of the IPO Execution of the strategy in line with the plan presented at the IPO and confirmation of the financial outlook and objectives Nicolas SORDET, AFYREN’s CEO, stated: “2021 was a transforming year for AFYREN, culminating in the […]

Green chemistry

Industry is transitioning to cleaner, greener ways. More than half of companies (51%) say they are committed to sustainability[1], yet it is clear that reconciling a lower environmental impact with economic success involves a lot of difficult choices — just 21% of companies have a clear roadmap for implementing their sustainability strategy. A more sustainable enterprise is rooted in several pillars, including responsible production, financing, procurement and marketing. Buyers, marketers, and investors need the right information to navigate an ocean of potential projects, understand their benefits and constraints and stand by their consequences. As recently underlined by Mc Kinsey, “it […]

AFYREN unveils its Purpose

Following several months of reflection and consultation with its internal and external stakeholders, AFYREN consulted, with the support of a specialized independent firm, all of its employees, through an online questionnaire or qualitative interviews, and conducted some fifteen interviews with suppliers, customers, institutions and partners. This analysis led to the definition of a materiality matrix, which ensures that the group’s ESG commitments and ambitions are aligned with the main aspects of its activity and the expectations of its stakeholders. This stakeholder consultation work also allowed AFYREN and its board of directors to define and formalize its Purpose: “We enable low-carbon, […]


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    AFYREN NEOXY is the first manufacturing plant to implement AFYREN’s technology and expertise. Located at the CHEMESIS platform  in Carling Saint-Avold, it produces a family of 7 organic acids.

    AFYREN NEOXY is the result of a joint-venture between AFYREN and Bpifrance’s SPI Fund.

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