The global population keeps growing and should reach 11.2 billion people before the end of the century. One of the consequences will be an increase in demand for food and more specifically food of animal origin.

Consumer habits are changing, and the desire for a healthy lifestyle – including organic and safe food is becoming more and more of a priority.

This is driving the agricultural sector toward more sustainable operations. Meanwhile, governments are setting up regulatory frameworks that include restrictions on the use of antibiotics in animal feed. Demand for increased animal well-being and performance,together with rising demand for high quality food, will fuel the development of feed additives.

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1,7 Earth
to meet our resource needs
Humans, animals and the health of our ecosystem are inevitably linked
drop in antibiotics use over 5 years, all species combined
Molécules AFYREN


AFYREN has developed VITAFYREN™, a complete range of biobased organic acids dedicated to animal feed ingredients and feed materials. Direct use of VITAFYREN™ acid in feed and petfood industry contribute to the mitigation of the environmental impact of animal farming.

VITAFYREN™ acids are direct ingredients or building blocks to produce derivatives for animal feed compounds like salts, coated salts, and glycerol esters, which are well known for their positive impact on gut balance for all species.

Acidifer Flavoring agent Preservative Feed Material Glycerol esters Salts


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