Flavors and Fragrances

The global population keeps growing and should reach 11.2 billion people before the end of the century. Faced with this reality, requirements are evolving and the flavors and fragrances market is confronted with new challenges.

Consumers are demanding more genuine and less human crafted products.

Consumers are looking for more sustainable products, locally sourced and with a lower impact on the environnement.

our innovative solutions

AFYREN offers innovative solutions to replace petroleum-based ingredients with products derived from natural micro-organisms, in a circular economy and zero industrial waste approach.

Consumers are demanding more natural products, with a quality level in line with industry standards.
Authentic and genuine ingredients for flavors and fragrances.
For well being, healthy and environmental friendly food and cosmetics.
AFYREN Acides biosources
Molécules AFYREN


Unique high quality natural acids for the production of flavors and fragrances ingredients.

All AFYREN acids are produced locally in Europe via a lean and circular process, based on renewable natural raw materials not in competition with the food chain. They have a high level of purity and a consistent organoleptic profile.

With FLAVYREN™, AFYREN offers a range of 7 natural organic acids compliant with the European Union Natural Flavoring Substance regulations (EU 1334/2008 3.2C) and with the lowest carbon footprint on the market.

Simple processing Consistent organoleptic profile High purity Short, transparent supply chain Traceability Natural

With FLAVYREN™, AFYREN offers a relevant range of 7 biobased acids

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