Our purpose: “We enable low-carbon, circular industry by providing biobased solutions built with our partners to benefit the environment”

At AFYREN, we are convinced that the sustainability of our planet and our lifestyles lies in the necessary reduction of humanity’s ecological footprint. This conviction has been reflected in our business project since its origins. On the one hand, because our biosourced solutions make it possible to reduce dependence on fossil resources for many everyday consumer products. On the other hand, because we fully align our activities with a circular economy logic, using co-products from organic raw materials as raw materials, but also by aiming for zero industrial waste in our production.

By participating in the Business Climate Convention, AFYREN became even more fully aware of its responsibility and its potential for regenerative impact, thanks to its model totally connected to life from upstream to downstream.
This reflection has enabled us to enrich our reason for being and to formulate long-term regenerative business commitments.

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To guarantee the alignment of the Group’s CSR commitments and ambitions with the main impacts of its activity and the expectations of its stakeholders, AFYREN conducted a consultation with its internal and external stakeholders.

This materiality analysis resulted in the classification by order of priority of 17 CSR issues divided into 5 categories: issues linked to products, production/distribution, sectors and territories, employees and governance.


To serve the company’s purpose, three pillars and nine CSR commitments were defined on the basis of the materiality analysis carried out in 2021. In 2023, around twenty management performance indicators were defined, with a selection of 6 strategic global indicators to report the CSR strategy and the company’s medium-term vision to external stakeholders.

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Provide sustainable, high-performance, biobased solutions
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Enable a low carbon, circular and responsible industry
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An ecosystem of partners building for the environment
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CSR performance

AFYREN’s CSR performance was assessed by the extra-financial rating agency Ethifinance.
The Group has already obtained four EthiFinance extra-financial evaluations, in constant progress for 3 years (83/100 in 2024 for the 2023 financial year, which corresponds to a PLATINUM level, the highest distinction awarded by Ethifinance.

The Group has already obtained the Ecovadis label (61/100 in 2023, silver medal), placing it among the 21% best performing companies on CSR themes out of more than 85,000 companies assessed worldwide.


The AFYREN business model also contributes to the achievement of several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Products of vegetable origin only, which do not compete with human food
A safe process and healthy products
Competitive solution and a strong territorial contribution
Breakthrough innovation based on green chemistry
A zero waste concept and a business model based on a ressource circularity
Low carbon solution that reduce dependence on petroleum
Biobased, natural products, respectful of biodiversity