We want to demonstrate that high-performance industry can have a positive impact on society. Beyond the solutions we bring to market, we are committed to conducting and developing our business in an exemplary manner. We are constantly seeking pragmatic and innovative solutions to reduce our negative impact and maximize our positive influence on the environment and society. This has been and will continue to be reflected throughout our industrial development, in France and internationally.

reduce our carbon footprint

  • By implementing ambitious measures to optimize our sites’ energy efficiency.
  • By sourcing raw materials in the areas where we operate and by using local suppliers, close to our production sites.
  • By expanding internationally while seeking to limit our carbon footprint with appropriate location choices and the use of local low-carbon solutions.

preserve the planet and its resources by making our activities part of the circular economy

  • By choosing raw materials from organic residues or biomass co-products.
  • By placing our industrial sites in a circular approach to reduce our waste, optimize their reuse, recycling and recovery.
  • By implementing a certified environmental management system at each of our industrial sites.

aim for excellence in all our business operations

  • By placing Corporate Social Responsibility and operational excellence at the heart of our strategy and processes.
  • By ensuring sustainable, open and ethical governance of the company.


AFYREN is founded on deeply-rooted values, which shape its culture and enable it to forge its reputation as a responsible company and supplier of quality bio-based products. The company is committed to continuous improvement in the quality, safety and efficiency of its products and related services. To achieve this goal, AFYREN has set up a Code of Ethics that applies to all its employees worldwide, and a Supplier Code of Conduct that defines the principles that all suppliers working with AFYREN must respect in all their activities. These codes set out the principles and standards of behavior we follow as a company, and which must guide all our actions and decisions.