Our project was made possible thanks to the mobilization and commitment, over time, of our internal and external stakeholders. Through active dialogue, we are working to strengthen our ability to bring partners together. We want to create a force for attraction so we can see the industry of our imagination take shape —one that places respect for the environment, in the broadest sense, at the heart of its concerns. With this in mind, we pay particular attention to our employees, for whom we are committed to creating conditions conducive to innovation and performance, a source of personal and collective accomplishment with shared well-being as the goal.

Guarantee a safe, motivating and fulfilling working environment for all our employees, without distinction

  • By taking care of our employees, creating the conditions for their safety and well-being.
  • Building a competent and diverse team through training and career paths that value the talents and aspirations of each individual.
  • By bringing the company’s values to life on a daily basis through a managerial culture based on employees’ goodwill and participation.

Safety at Afyren

Safety is at the heart of AFYREN's approach, which promotes a zero accident culture and a safe and sustainable working environment. To achieve this, the company has developed a structuring framework with an occupational health and safety policy, based on awareness, communication and team involvement. Thus, 100% of employees have been trained in safety issues and rules (golden rules, safety at the workstation, single document, etc.). We work closely with our partners to manage the health and safety of employees and local residents (safety drills, fire response team, shared occupational health service).


become fully engaged in our operating regions as we develop the bioeconomy sector

  • By strengthening our relationships in the agricultural sector in an effort to develop a new biomass value chain.
  • By promoting employability at the local level and supporting actors who face common.