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Production operations at AFYREN NEOXY plant make significant progress

Production operations at AFYREN NEOXY plant make significant progress, with first lots delivered Production of several tons of products and first deliveries to customers Operation units reliability improvement to start continuous production and gradually increase volumes Clermont-Ferrand/Lyon, June 8, 2023, at 7:45 am CEST – AFYREN, a greentech company that offers manufacturers bio-based, low-carbon ingredients produced using unique fermentation technology based on a completely circular model, today announced significant progress in production at the AFYREN NEOXY plant and the delivery of the first lots of biobased organic acids. In the second half of 2020, AFYREN launched the construction of its […]

Annual Financial Report 2022

«The highlight of 2022 was the industrial start-up and inauguration of the AFYREN NEOXY plant in Carling-Saint Avold, in the Grand Est region of France. This biorefinery, which produces biobased carboxylic acids from biomass co-products […] AFYREN is making its mark on unexplored territory with the humility of a company that is still young but whose ambition is justified by an offering that is unparalleled on an industrial scale in today’s fast-growing world market.» Stefan Borgas, Chair of the Board of Directors, and Nicolas Sordet, CEO. Read the full report on this structuring year from an industrial, commercial and extra-financial […]

AFYREN announces its 2022 annual financial results

A successful 2022 in commercial, industrial, and extra-financial terms: • Inauguration of the group’s first factory, AFYREN NEOXY • Commercial success: 75% of annual acid volume and 100% of fertilizer already pre-sold • Further improved extra-financial rating (78/100 vs. 66 published and 72 adjusted) Teams fully mobilized at the start of 2023: • Reliability testing and tuning is in progress at AFYREN NEOXY plant, and clients have confirmed commitments for orders totaling €165 million in revenue • International expansion is confirmed, with the project for a second factory in Thailand A solid financial situation at the end of 2022: • […]