AFYREN’s shareholders approve all resolutions proposed at 2022 Annual General Meeting

Patrizia Marraghini and Caroline Lebel approved as new Board directors
75.18% of the Company’s share capital was represented at the AGM, and all resolutions were approved by large margins


Clermont-Ferrand/Lyon, 16 of June 2022, 8:00 am CEST – AFYREN, a greentech company that manufactures biobased ingredients using fermentation technology and a circular business model, today announced that its shareholders have approved all of the resolutions proposed at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) of June 15, 2022.

On first call, the necessary quorum was reached, the shareholders having voted represent 75.18% of the share capital and 75.36% of the voting rights of the company. They approved all the resolutions. Detailed results are available on the AFYREN website Investor.
These resolutions include the approval of the appointments to the Board of Directors of Patrizia Marraghini as independent Director and Chairwoman of the Audit Committee, and of Caroline Lebel as Director. AFYREN thanks all the shareholders who have participated and welcomes the arrival of Mrs. Marraghini and Mrs. Lebel, who reinforce the competence and independence of its Board of Directors.

Stefan Borgas, Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated: “We are delighted to welcome Caroline and Patrizia to the AFYREN Board of Directors. Their experience will bring a wide range of key skills and contribute to the positive dynamic of the Company. These new appointments are part of a strong strategy of diversification of governance through which we hope to achieve a balance in the short-to-medium term. Meanwhile, AFYREN’s development continues to gather momentum, notably with the finalization of construction at its first plant and a listing on the stock exchange that will pave the way for its international deployment. Upcoming industrial projects underscore the company’s ambition and its ability to operate in the field in keeping with current trends, while meeting the need to develop more efficient and sustainable industry.”

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