Lubricants and functional fluids



The lubricant industry faces new challenges due to rising environmental restrictions and changing customer requirements. As a result, the industry seeks to replace petroleum based lubricants with innovative products that come with a lower carbon footprint.

Raw materials used for esters can be based either on petrochemical or renewable sources.Increasing environmental awareness particularly in Europe and North America, has created a demand for fluids with reduced environmental impacts.


Aeronautic Industry generates 12% of the global emissions linked to transportation.

Air conditioning

Due to global warming, the need for air conditioning and cooling devices has been on the rise for years. Leading to an ever-increasing demand for coolants.

Electric vehicles

Demand for battery cooling fluids will increase with the growth of electric vehicle sales.


LUBYREN™ offers a range of unique high quality biobased organic acids, as building blocks for high performance lubricants and functional fluids.

Valeric (C5), Isovaleric (iC5) and Capropic (C6) acid are well known building blocks for Polyol EsterLubricants.

Oxydation stability
High thermal stability
for large temperature
ranges promoter
Low volability
Reduce friction
and wear in machinery

With LUBYREN™, AFYREN offers a relevant range of 3 biobased acids

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