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Challenges to overcome


Important use of fossil fuel resources leading to environmental issues in a complicated geopolitical context

Biomolecules production starting from pretreated ressources competing with commodity chains by the use on genetically modified micro-organisms.

Thanks to AFYNERIE ® technology, which allows direct valorization of non-food biomass (wastes) into biomelocules of high energetical and chemical interest, AFYREN® proposes a sustainable alternative to the use of petroleum and food-biomass. This approach takes also place in a sustainable and environment-friendly process, with the use of fully natural micro-organisms and the return-to-earth of fermentation residues. Non-food biomass transformed by AFYNERIE ® allows to obtain synthons (from 2 to 6 carbons), which will lead, via green chemistry, to a complete variety of high added-value compounds.

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Management Team

  • Jérémy Pessiot
    Jérémy PessiotManaging Director - Founder
  • Nicolas Sordet
    Nicolas SordetC.E.O - Partner
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