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Microbiology, bioprocess, and chemical engineering

A dynamic and innovative company


Challenges to overcome


Important use of fossil fuel resources leading to environmental issues in a complicated geopolitical context

Biomolecules production starting from pretreated ressources competing with commodity chains by the use on genetically modified micro-organisms.

Thanks to AFYNERIE ® technology, which allows direct valorization of non-food biomass (wastes) into biomelocules of high energetical and chemical interest, AFYREN® proposes a sustainable alternative to the use of petroleum and food-biomass. This approach takes also place in a sustainable and environment-friendly process, with the use of fully natural micro-organisms and the return-to-earth of fermentation residues. Non-food biomass transformed by AFYNERIE ® allows to obtain synthons (from 2 to 6 carbons), which will lead, via green chemistry, to a complete variety of high added-value compounds.


An innovative industrial

...economically viable
with competitive CAPEX/OPEX

...with a scale-up favoring
anaerobic processes agreement with political
and social wishes and
worldwidly transposable

Zero waste process

...using agro-industrial co-products

...without competing the food industry

...allowing a return-to-earth of fermentation

Robust and sustainable
valorisation process

...allowing the use of
an extented biomass pool

...using microbial consortia with
no need of sterilisation step

...combining biology and green chemistry
to produce ubiquitous and
multipotent synthons

Adressing the needs of a fast-evolving world


With a dynamic staff

  • Régis Nouaille
    Régis NouailleTechnical Director - Founder
  • Jérémy Pessiot
    Jérémy PessiotManaging Director - Founder
  • Nicolas Sordet
    Nicolas SordetC.E.O - Partner
  • Aurélien Bost
    Aurélien BostPilot Plant and Laboratory Manager
  • Aurélie Bournilhas
    Aurélie BournilhasEngineering assistant
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