AFYREN receives “Efficient Solution” label from the Solar Impulse Foundation

The Solar Impulse Foundation works to unite ecology and economy. Its goal is to recognize 1,000 solutions that are both environmentally-friendly and economically viable through its “Efficient Solution” label. To date, 378 solutions around the world have received the label.

In France, there is an abundance of technologically feasible initiatives that qualify, based on the criteria, by providing true economic, socio-economic and environmental benefits, which is why 298 of the 378 companies are French.

AFYREN, the flagship French biotech industry, is proud to have been recognized by the Solar Impulse Foundation as a recipient of the “Efficient Solution” label.

AFYREN has designed and develops breakthrough innovation in green chemistry aimed at promoting a circular and low-carbon biobased economy.

Its biomolecules recovered from non-food biomass provide innovative and effective solutions in the areas of cosmetics, flavours and perfumes, human and animal nutrition and fine chemistry.

Current daily consumer products are far too often made from petroleum-based molecules. Reducing our carbon emissions and our dependence on oil also requires a capacity to replace these petroleum products in our daily consumer goods. AFYREN is accomplishing this through the following means :

innovative, environmentally-friendly, zero-waste technology based on natural micro-organisms, patented worldwide with 9 patent families, the result of 10 years of R&D.

secondary natural resources : this fermentation process makes it possible to produce bio-sourced molecules from non-food biomass. This is accomplished using residues from the cultivation of sugar beets, which is usually not recycled. In the future, it will be possible to produce these molecules using other raw plant materials and biowaste.

sustainable products : we manufacture the first 100% bio-sourced, certified organic, GMO-free natural organic acids. Manufactured from renewable carbon, the carbon footprint of these products is three times smaller than their petroleum-based equivalents.

value-creation : AFYREN products create value across the entire chain. This is the case for bio-sourced products value chain, offering innovative, effective, sustainable and competitive solutions for a wide range of sectors. It is also true for the area of agriculture, specifically by offering new outlets for sugar crops.

“The bio-sourced molecules we produce can completely and competitively replace current petroleum-based products, without the need to change consumer habits, while satisfying numerous climate and environmental requirements. We are very proud of this recognition from the Bertrand Piccard Foundation, which proves that AFYREN can actively help the world achieve green economic growth.” –Nicolas Sordet, CEO of AFYREN


AFYREN meets a growing need among businesses and industries to reduce the use of petroleum-based products in their production lines. It does this by producing biomolecules derived from non-food biomass, largely used in the sectors of cosmetics, flavours and fragrances, human and animal nutrition and fine chemicals. This production of renewable carbon, within a circular economy, is achieved through worldwide patented fermentation technology resulting from 10 years of research.
Founded in 2012 and directed by Nicolas Sordet and Jérémy Pessiot, AFYREN has 20 employees at its locations in Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand and its future factory in Carling. AFYREN won the 2030 Worldwide Innovation Challenge in the category “Plant protein and plant chemistry” and was named ambassador for French Tech – Green chemistry at COP21. AFYREN is supported in its development by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Grand-Est regions, and by Bpifrance, and the European Investment Bank.

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