our commitment: provide sustainable, high-performance,
biobased solutions

We have the ambition to make our contribution to a low-carbon world by replacing petroleum-based products with bio-based products. We take this ambition beyond the carbon issue: our teams innovate to develop eco-designed solutions that meet the needs and expectations of society.

place eco-design
at the heart of our innovation

  • By integrating sustainability criteria into the planning of our research and development activities.
  • By systematically assessing the social and environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycles to improve them.

afyren life cycle analysis

AFYREN has already conducted several Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) to quantify the sustainability of its products through a standardized method (ISO 14040-14044). LCA is the most advanced tool for a complete evaluation of the environmental impact of products, goods and services. Its robustness is based on a multi-criteria approach analyzing the input and output flows of each product: energy, raw materials, waste, emissions, etc. Based on the cradle-to-gate LCAs performed, the carbon footprint of AFYREN acids is on average 81% lower than that of equivalent petroleum-based acids on the market.


offer biobased, low-carbon alternatives to fossil-based resources

  • By producing biosourced solutions in industrial quantities.
  • By focusing our efforts on the development of solutions with a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to market standards.



-81 %

CO2 emissions

bring to market biobased or natural products with high societal added value

  • By ensuring that our technology enables us to manufacture products that respect the health and safety of consumers and meet their requirements as closely as possible.
  • By ensuring that our use of raw materials does not compete directly with human food.