Join Afyren: Shape the Future of Sustainable Biotech

Joining AFYREN means joining an innovative company on a human scale where all teams are mobilized on a daily basis for the development of the company and committed to building a sustainable sector.


AFYREN is a sustainable and dynamic company, thanks to our ambitious and committed team.
We offer manufacturers biosourced acids used in the composition of food, cosmetics or chemical products to replace molecules derived from petroleum thanks to circular, zero waste and environmentally friendly technology.

AFYREN laboratoire
39 %
Of women
Average age
+ 130


Joining us means joining a team that places kindness and high standards at the heart of its daily life and is committed to a more sustainable industry.
Our business development allows our teams to challenge themselves and cultivate their agility in a constantly evolving environment.

Our success is built on the work of our employees who share the same ambition and the same state of mind. To successfully carry out our project, AFYREN’s corporate culture is based on 3 strong values, the basis of our future success: commitment, agility and humility.

engagement afyren
An unwavering commitment to a more sustainable world. We aim to prove that it is possible to reconcile industry and the environment. Our team works daily with its stakeholders to reduce our impact on the climate and build sustainable sectors.
agilité afyren
A natural agility that nourishes our vitality. In a constantly evolving global context, AFYREN is and will remain an agile company, listening to the new needs of society and its customers to best adapt its strategy and operational practices. Agility has nourished our vitality since the creation of our company.
humilite afyren
The humility of always challenging ourselves to serve our ambition. We are aware of the scale of the challenges facing society and the planet. It is with determination and humility that we do our part, as best as possible, a little more every day, and with our partners to best serve our ambition.


This medal of excellence is a wonderful recognition for all our teams.

We are convinced that the future of the chemical industry lies firmly in sustainable and innovative solutions.


Hélène LECOMTE QHSE work-study student, Saint-Avold

“In professional retraining after almost 20 years of career, AFYREN NEOXY agreed to support me in this change of life. Despite my lack of theoretical knowledge in the QHSE field, the company decided to trust me and help me. I can thus flourish and learn in a company which values ​​people and which highlights a “green” manufacturing process which must be supported. »

AFYREN Ursula Feulner
Ursula FEULNER Directrice du Pilotage des Projets Industriels, Saint-Avold

“I joined AFYREN at the beginning of 2022 as Director of the Industrial Project Management Office (PMO – Project Management Office) to manage the upstream phases of industrial projects in particular. After a long experience within large industrial groups in international project management, I am delighted to continue my journey in the start-up environment of Afyren which impresses me with its energy, its spirit of innovation and his agility. Today I manage strategic projects and I am delighted with the trust and kindness shown in me by the teams on a daily basis. Implementing industrial projects on the scale of a start-up like AFYREN is a real technical and organizational challenge that I am delighted to take on at this stage of my career”

Mathieu LEDUC R&D Project Manager, Clermont-Ferrand

“I started by joining AFYREN as an intern before having the opportunity to continue my engineering studies on a work-study basis. Being able to train in a growing startup was a real opportunity and I am grateful for the trust placed in me in the various projects in which I participated. Today I am R&D project manager and I continue to thrive on a daily basis in a human-sized company where the teams have the desire to move forward together for the same project: making the industries of the future cleaner.”

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