Women in industry

Promoting and supporting the place of women in industry is at the heart of our commitment! France’s truly modern industry calls on you to innovate and actively contribute to the ecological transition and sustainable development that are at the heart of contemporary issues.

Because, yes, industry is also for all those women who want to build the world of tomorrow. Those who are passionate, those who want to surpass and challenge themselves, those who dare to break the rules.

To all those who perhaps still doubt their place or hesitate to take the plunge, we send a strong message of encouragement.

The industrial world needs you and is waiting for you, ready to welcome your energy, creativity and expertise. Don’t doubt your value and your potential to shape the industrial future. You are the builders of a more inclusive, more innovative and more sustainable industry!

Dare to dream big, dare to go beyond the ordinary. Because it’s in the diversity of perspectives, in the boldness of ideas, that the most striking innovations are born. The industry needs your unique contribution to evolve, grow and flourish.

You have the power to change the face of industry, so get involved, innovate, and become the pioneers of a new, inclusive and prosperous industrial era.

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