Methanogen potential measurements

Methanogenic potential measurement and anaerobic bioviability.

AFYREN® propose the measurement of methanogenic potential, defined as the methane volume (or more generally biogas) produces by degradation of organic substrate by anaerobic micro-organisms.

Last generation of automatic system of BMP test (AMPTS II)

AFYREN® propose to standardize BMP tests with microbial mixes (inocula) developped by the company.

Reliability of BMP and the following of their evolution are critical point to set up a methanation unit. In this, AFYREN® put his microbiological expertise forward to propose the REAL measurement of the methanogenic potential.

  • AFYREN® propose methanogenic potential measurements with a complete kinetic analysis of biogas production thanks to AMPTS II system.
  • This system allows us to optimize rentention time and substrates mixing in co-digestion. This will make easier comparative studies to select pre-treatments or adapted answers.
  • AFYREN® also develop bio-augmentation solutions.

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