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A more sustainable fertilizer ?

AFYREN’s role in the circular economy features in a Financial Times video: as part of the Food Revolution series, FT reporter Anna Gross explores how AFYREN and Ynsect can help reduce reliance on traditional synthetic fertilizers.

AFYREN announces the signing of two strategic contracts

AFYREN announces the signing of two strategic contracts for AFYREN NEOXY in the nutrition and health markets Sales accounting for 60% of the AFYREN NEOXY factory’s projected acid production at full capacity are secured Food and feed markets are growing more than 6% annually AFYREN, a greentech company that offers manufacturers natural, low-carbon products created with technology based on natural micro-organisms, has signed two strategic contracts for the long-term supply of biobased ingredients by AFYREN NEOXY to two major players in the nutrition (human and animal) and health markets. The two contracts were established with major companies that are leaders […]

AFYREN and ENNOLYS by Lesaffre announce the signing of an agreement for the distribution of AFYREN NEOXY natural acids

AFYREN, a greentech company that offers manufacturers natural, low-carbon products created with technology based on natural micro-organisms, and ENNOLYS, business unit of LESAFFRE that specializes in fermentation and offers a wide range of natural flavor molecules including vanillin, announced an agreement for the exclusive distribution in the European flavors and fragrances market of the AFYREN NEOXY range of seven biobased acids. Under the agreement, ENNOLYS will market AFYREN NEOXY products to its existing customer portfolio, which includes a large number of players in the European flavors and fragrances market. ENNOLYS will also provide the necessary services for the proper use […]

Naturality in AFYREN’s products

Consumers are looking for products that are healthy, authentic and above all, natural. Fermentation is a natural transformation as ancient as life on Earth. Natural fermentation is also the key to AFYREN’s contribution to a circular, biobased economy. Definitions of naturality vary according to geography and sector, but these days, everyone seems to want it. Sourdough bread, balsamic vinegar, beer or blue cheese. These everyday products have one thing in common: they are all fermented. Fermented food is transformed by microorganisms like bacteria or yeast that are commonly found in nature. During the fermentation process, these microorganisms transform substrate such […]

Moving from a linear model to a regenerative circular economy

AFYREN’s circular bioeconomy model solves the equation of business efficiency and low environmental impact   AFYREN has designed and developed a technology to manufacture biobased ingredients that are innovative, sustainable and efficient solutions for sectors including food, feed, aromas and perfumes, lubricants, material sciences, and life sciences. These biomolecules, a family of 7 natural organic acids, are derived from the revalorization of non-food biomass and will be available on an industrial scale and at a competitive cost, offering the same chemical properties as those produced from petroleum derivatives, but with only one-fifth of the carbon footprint. “When we created AFYREN, […]

Biobased chemicals, the future of industry

Specialty Chemicals highlighting the AFYREN approach to the production of biobased carboxylic acids. Joachim Merziger and Sebastian Anton explain how this process differentiates and provides manufacturers with more sustainable products.   Read the full article