Industrial Biotech joins FT120 with AFYREN

AFYREN, the flagship French Biotech company that created and develops a breakthrough innovation in green chemistry, is pleased to announce its nomination for the French Tech 120 programme by Mission French Tech and BPI France.

The company was selected as one of the 83 most promising French start-ups from a field of 300 innovative start-ups at the national and territorial levels. AFYREN was recognized for its high potential, after raising €21 million in January 2019 and achieving rapid growth.
At a time when daily consumer products far too often contain petroleum-based molecules, AFYREN provides businesses and industries with alternative, bio-sourced molecules thanks to its environmentally friendly technology based on natural micro-organisms.
Following the unveiling of the Next 40 in September 2019, the French Tech 120 was announced with the aim of supporting start-ups by responding to their priority needs and connecting them with a network of French Tech correspondents from French partner institutions, as well as to help them through operations to boost influence and communication internationally.
Nicolas Sordet, President of AFYREN explains, “joining the French Tech 120 will allow our company to further accelerate its development and increase its visibility. In addition, this programme should simplify the multiple interactions with State services. It is also a recognition of all of the work our teams have accomplished in the past several years, and this strengthens our ambition. ”
AFYREN meets a growing need among businesses and industries to reduce the use of petroleum-based products in their production lines. It does this by producing biomolecules derived from non-food biomass, largely used in the sectors of cosmetics, flavours and fragrances, human and animal nutrition and fine chemicals. This production of renewable carbon, within a circular economy, is achieved through worldwide patented fermentation technology resulting from 10 years of research.
Founded in 2012 by Régis Nouaille and Jérémy Pessiot, and directed by Nicolas Sordet, AFYREN has 20 staff members at its locations in Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand and its future factory in Carling. AFYREN won the 2030 Worldwide Innovation Challenge in the category “Plant protein and plant chemistry” and was named ambassador for French Tech – Green chemistry at COP21. AFYREN is supported in its development by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Grand-Est regions, and by Bpifrance, and the European Investment Bank.

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