Creating innovative value chains from non-food biomass feedstock

AFTER-BIOCHEM project aims at creating innovative and more sustainable value chains from renewable raw materials to multiple high added-value products at industrial scale 

AFTER-BIOCHEM, a unique European project coordinated by AFYREN NEOXY is highlighted in the first issue of the year of Open Access Government in a special dossier on: “Circular bio-based industries: Driving Europe’s green recovery”. 

AFYREN has successfully gathered 12 key bioeconomy players to join force in the European project AFTER-BIOCHEM (Anaerobic Fermentation & EsteRification of BIOmass for producing fine CHEMicals). We are very proud to lead this consortium and are willing to contribute to the development of a sustainable European model of biorefinery, relying on low-carbon emission and circular bioeconomy principles. AFTER-BIOCHEM will enable us to experiment, validate and replicate such innovative model thus contributing to transform industrial practices.  

The article in Open Access Government explains perfectly how AFYREN NEOXY and AFTER-BIOCHEM project will contribute to EU current policy (Bioeconomy strategy, GreenDeal and Chemical Strategy for sustainability) and to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

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