Choosing a sensible path to sustainability

At AFYREN we are committed to producing 100% biobased products from renewable raw materials through a fully dedicated process that follows the segregated biobased chemistry approach.


But what does really mean? There are lots of interesting green initiatives in the chemical industry these day


Here are some tools to help you make sense of them


Biobased and bioeconomy, mass balance, organic, bio – these are just a few of the innovative concepts and solutions that contribute to sustainability but may add complexity to the already difficult task of making educated choices.

As both private and industrial consumers become more conscientious about mitigating their environmental footprints, the demand for “green chemistry” is growing and the market is progressively diversifying its sources of raw materials. In this context, new products are being introduced to the market with various claims and labelling. Some of these products are described as “biobased products”, “products made from sustainable raw materials,” “products with renewable contents” or  simply “green products”.

Each of these terms has a meaning, and some terms may be used imprecisely, leading to confusion.

Knowing that their choices influence practices and norms that are developed upstream, customers need to understand — and question — what these concepts mean. If they don’t, others certainly will.

At AFYREN, our long-term commitment is to build a consistent and competitive circular bioeconomy business model. As one of the leading players in this arena, we can add some clarity.



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