Tailor-maid R&D

Tailor-maid R&D

AFYREN® proposes personalized services for valorisation of wastes and organic effluents, especially for the needs of collaboratives research contracts. AFYREN® is able to specifically select microbial mixes to valorize concerned organic substrate (agro-industrial coproducts, effluents, watertreatment sludges…), and can also test your own inocula.


AFYREN® have all the tools to study simultaneous wastes co-digestion and brings knowledge to optimize and conduce anaerobic biodegradation. 

AFYREN® proposes comparative studies based on methanogenic potential (BMP), VFAs potential, Hydrogen potential or all other production according to the client needs.

Those studies allows clients to foresee effect of simultaneous degradation of several types of wastes in a way to improve the economic impact on the process, but also to study how hard to valorize a substrate could be use in co-digestion.

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