AFYNERIE ® process presentation

AFYNERIE® “all-in-one” technology is cost-effective, eco-friendly and worldwildly scalable. The main goal of the process is to valorize non-food biomass without competing with the food industry, and verging on a “zero waste” state.

Two different phases can be described;

  • Biological phase, which allows “building-blocks” production via the use of natural and non-GMO microbial community in a “drop-in” approach. This first step of the process will results in the raw organic wastes transformation by an anaerobic fermentation process, whithout any needs sterilisation step or pretreatments.
  • Green chemistry will then be used to transform the “building-blocks”, and leads to a large panel of high-value molecules, interesting for chemistry, biofuels, costemic and pharmaceutic industries.

The overall process will also be environnement friendly, because of the “return-to-earth” step of the organic fermentation residues.

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